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The Beauty Of Playing Outdoors

Childhood is one of the best years in a human's life. This is a stage of total innocence and the biggest venue for learning. A child is like a clean slate and they just grasp anything and everything said to them or even around them. In such a stage, they don't need just books and classes. They need to play and exercise those muscles too. Playing outdoors can help the development of a child to a great extent. They get to explore, breathe in fresh air, use all parts of their body, etc. It is during such outdoor play, do they learn what it is to go beyond the comfort zone, make friends with other kids they have never met and also observe and learn.

Schools should compulsorily have a playground for the children to play in. Apart from schools, a community should have natural playgrounds in common spaces, parks, etc, where all children can access them, at any time of their choice. This encourages outdoor play by providing sufficient opportunities and facilities.

Get Them Outdoors

Today, in the technically advanced world, one can see many children glued to screens of the gadgets. Be it their parents', siblings' or even their own. Majority of the children are moving towards playing on phones and computers and forgetting the outdoor play.

Make Friends When children play together, they make friends. Some of these friends even become their best friends. Making friends is very important for children and playing on gadget will not get them any real friends. They may have friends online and be part of groups that discuss the various aspect of the game but not real-time friends. Children tend to make friends very easily and don't need time for adults. This is why one must learn the art of making friends and also have good friends from a young age. This helps them bond and develop their socializing skills.


When you go to a common playground, you are bound to see different sets of children on different days. Ask a child who plays there regularly and he may know almost all of the kids who come here to play. Such is this age where they have no inhibitions and talk to one and all. Children have no expectations or reservations and talk and mingle easily.

If they are not allowed to go out and socialize, they become lonely and do not learn to make friends. This creates behavioral issues as they grow up. When children socialize and talk to many people at a young age, they develop their communication skills as well.

It is not just the children they talk to when they are outdoors; they talk to complete strangers, adults, people of authority, etc. Hence they are exposed to different types of communication at a very young age. When they grow up, they are aware of body language, whom to talk to, how to talk, etc. these are very important skills for a person's personal well being, both in personal as well as professional life .


Many people today fear the pollution and germs that are wide spread in the environment. Though the environment today is definitely more contaminated than what it was a few years ago, one cannot keep a child safe by keeping them indoors.

When a child steps out and plays, they automatically get tuned to the current environment. Their bodies are exposed to all components at an early stage and this helps them get immune early. With exposure comes immunity, and this makes a child stronger and more resilient to diseases as they grow.

Explore Playing outdoors helps in cognitive development. Children explore and learn when they play. Be it the place they play in or people they play with, there is learning in every step. They learn how to talk to different people, how to read people's gestures and facial expressions. They explore and learn new games, new ways to play existing games.

When they play outdoors and get their hands dirty, they are developing their sensorial abilities and giving way to creativity. Unless they are allowed to experience all this, they do not think on their own and learn things in their own way.